Scented Gingerbread Craft


After seeing these Sponge Painted Gingerbread Cookies on Artsy Momma we decided to give them a try today.  This was a great activity for my two year old. We had some cut outs all set to go in our craft closet so that made this activity super easy to prep for me.  My son really loves to paint and it is one of the few things he will sit still and work on for quite some time.

We changed up this craft by adding some scent to the paint.  The kids loved adding cinnamon, nutmeg and clove to the brown paint.  My son added so much that the paint was more like mud but it did smell great when it dried.  We used a wooden craft stick to mix the spices into the paint in a paper cup.

The paintbrushes were clothes pins with cotton balls and we used cotton swabs to apply the white glue and paint.

Now I know our results are not Pinterest perfect but the craft process entertained the kids for quite some time so that makes it the perfect activity to me!  I give this activity 5 stars!

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