Take the 2017 Quiz for New Year’s


Take the 2017 Quiz for New Year’s.  Do you think you can get all 14 questions correct regarding the number 17?  I thought it might be fun to create a few quick, last minute games for New Year’s Eve.  So the first one is some trivia regarding the number 17.  Who knew it was such an interesting number!  I certainly did not until I started creating the quiz.  So here are the questions.

Can you answer these quiz questions about the number 17?

1. What player on the Golden State Warriors in the NBA wore the #17?

2. What type of poem has 17 syllables?

3. The 17th day of the year is considered the heart of winter in what countries?

4. What is fear of the number 17 called?

5. In what country do you dial the number 17 to call the police?

6. Name a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock with 17 in it?

7. In Harry Potter what happens when you turn 17?

8. What does a number 17 tarot card symbolize?

9. What was the 17th state to become part of the United States?

10. Who was the 17th president?

11. According to the Bible, what started on the 17th day?

12. What has the atomic number 17?

13. Name a holiday that falls on the 17th of the month?

14. What does the number 17 in Roman numerals translate to in Latin?

Download the answers and the PDF version of the quiz to print for New Years.