6 Best Games to Bring Camping

6 Best Games to Bring Camping from Growing Play FB

For my final post about camping this week, I want to share with you my suggestions for the 6 best games to bring camping.  I have been going camping since I was a baby and now I bring my family of 6 children camping year after year.  That’s 46 years of camping experience.  And that is a lot of 6’s – 6 games, 6 children and forty SIX years!

We go through phases of what games we play each camping season.  Some must have features of a good camping game are compact, easy to store and varied age ranges.  Here is a list of my top 6 games for camping trips (this post contains affiliate links):

Playing Cards:  If I could only choose one game to take, I would select playing cards every.single.time!  I happen to prefer a brand new pack of jumbo face Bicycle cards but that is just me.  Read more here about the card games we like to play.Yamslam:  This is a great compact game in a sturdy tin.  You roll dice on the felt mat inside the tin attempting to get 4 of a kind, full house, etc.  This is one of my favorite games camping or at home.  Easy set up, good for a wide age range and takes about 20 minutes to play maximum.
Boochie Ball:  I love this game camping or at home as well.  It is a simple outdoor game where you throw one ball and then have to throw another ball and rings at the biggest ball.  We don’t play exactly as the rules state but we always have a lot of fun!

Crazy Campers:  My kids LOVE this game.  I love this game because it is one player so one child can play it and be entertained.

Kanoodle:  My 6 year old plays this game for hours.  She follows along in the book and can solve the puzzles very well.  Again, nice compact toy that fits in a plastic case (if you solve the puzzle correctly).

Camping Games and Activities:  This packet is also on my top list of games to take camping.  Just print it out and you have a great puzzles, mazes and games to take along to entertain the kids.

Camping Games and Activities

What are your favorite games to take camping?

6 Best Games to Bring Camping from Growing Play