Magical Unicorn Cards + 4 Activity Ideas

For those of you who love unicorns, you will love these magical unicorn cards (download for free below).  Print out two copies of the cards on cardstock paper and start playing.  Here are three activity ideas to do with the cards:

  1. Magical Unicorn Memory Match: Cut apart both sets of cards. Place the cards face down and play a game of memory match.
  2. Unicorn Hunt: Only cut apart one set of cards. Hide the cards around the room. The child has to find the cards and match up on the main board.
  3. Create a collage:  Cut apart the cards and glue onto a large poster to create a magical unicorn poster.
  4. Give to a friend:  Cut apart the cards and share with a friend.

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Illustrations for matching game created by Yulia Bikirova and used under a Shutterstock license.

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