Do the Robot Dance – Can you maintain robot rhythm?

Do the Robot Dance Can You Maintain the Robot RhythmDo the Robot Dance – Can you maintain the robot rhythm?

Can you do the robot dance?  Download this printable (for free at the bottom of the post) to practice maintaining rhythm.  The ability to maintain and move with rhythm requires higher level coordination skills.  The right and left sides of the body have to work together with fluid motion for many motor activities.  This robot dance activity can help children practice these skills.

The children can practice moving through the motions with stiff arms and legs just like a robot would move.  After they practice, try adding music with a beat and the children can perform the dance moves to the beat.

Play a game of freeze dance.  Pick a robot pose and have the children demonstrate the pose.  Turn on the music and the children can move like robots.  Stop the music and the children have to freeze in the robot pose.

See if the children can make up robot dance moves with a pattern and other children have to copy their actions.  Try pairing two children up, one is the leader making robot moves.  The partner tries to copy their moves exactly.

Encourage the children to draw different robot moves and pass the paper to a friend.  Can they copy the hand drawn robot moves?

There are so many ways to encourage children to be active and have fun all at the same time!

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Do the Robot Dance Can You Maintain the Robot Rhythm