Detective Fingerprint Mission – The Case of the Missing Diamond

Detective Fingerprint MissionDetective Fingerprint Mission – The Case of the Missing Diamond

Are you looking for an activity to entertain your “spy kids”?  Look no further!  The Case of the Missing Diamond is a FREE printable game that you can print and start playing right away (download at the bottom of the post).  Children love to pretend that they are a secret agent or a spy.  Combine imagination with physical activity and visual perceptual skills on this detective fingerprint mission.

Directions for the Detective Fingerprint Mission

Step 1:  Download and print the mission (access at the bottom of the page).

Step 2:  Use scissors to cut apart the 6 identification cards on page 1.

Step 3:  Anyone who is not playing the game hides the 6 identification cards in a designated area i.e. backyard, first floor of the house, classroom, etc.

Step 4:  Give the children who are playing a copy of page 2.  Read the mission and the suspect who stole the diamond.

Step 5:  The children have to find the six hidden identification cards.

Step 6:  Once all six ID cards have been found, the children need to match the fingerprints up and determine whose are missing to solve the crime.

Ideas for the Detective Fingerprint Mission

  • rainy day fun
  • anytime you want the kids to unplug
  • small birthday party game
  • a challenge between two children – hide two sets of 6 ID cards and provide each child with page 2.  Race to see who can solve the case first.
  • indoor recess – separate the class into groups of 6.  Print one set of ID cards to hide and 3 mission directions.  Teams can hide the ID cards for other teams.  Record the fingerprint ID number in the detective notebook.  When all the teams are done, check to see if everyone identified the correct suspect.
  • if it is a larger group of children playing, print out two copies.  Separate the group into two teams and hide two sets of ID cards.  The first team to solve the detective fingerprint mission first is the winner!

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Download the Detective Fingerprint Mission

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Detective Fingerprint Mission