Pixel Art Tiger – FREE PDF

Ever since my kids discovered Minecraft, I’ve been on the lookout for cool things to do with them. Recently, I added a pixel art tiger PDF that they could color in and print out. I am sure they will have so much fun coloring it in and then will proudly display their work on our fridge! I found some other designs- including different animals like pandas, monkeys, flamingos and more! So I thought this would be something perfect for parents or teachers who are looking for easy ways to engage children at school or home.

You can check out the complete Pixel Art Color By Number here.

How Does the Pixel Art Tiger Work?

All you need to do is these three steps:

  1. Download the freebie at the bottom of the post.
  2. Give crayons to each student.
  3. The children can color in the squares based on the bottom of the page to reveal the tiger.

When Is A Good Time to Use This Puzzle?

Kids would love to complete this Pixel Art Tiger printable when:

  • they are done with an assignment early and need to keep busy.
  • quiet station for a zoo theme at school
  • rainy day indoor activity.
  • indoor recess.

What Skills Does this Puzzle Work On?

Puzzles are fun to complete no doubt but did you know that they also work on brain power! Children are working on the following skills with this Pixel Art Tiger printable puzzle:

  • visual spatial skills
  • visual discrimination skills
  • visual motor skills
  • visual scanning skills

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Download your FREE Pixel Art Tiger Printable Puzzle Here

Click here to download your freebie. A new tab will open with the PDF.

Don’t forget to check out the complete Pixel Art Color By Number here.

This Pixel Art Color By Number Animal Edition includes 12 mystery puzzles to color and reveal. Practice focus, attention to detail, visual tracking and visual motor skills.