Peacock Puzzle for Kids

Don’t you just love peacocks! They are such a beautiful animal. If you are using a peacock theme in your classroom or your kids just love peacocks, check out this FREE peacock puzzle for kids. Just print this puzzle and see if the kids can find the feathers that match. This FREE puzzle for kids printable is a perfect, NO PREP, ready to print puzzle page to entertain the kids. You can download it for free at the bottom of the post.

How Does the Peacock Puzzle for Kids Work?

All you need to do is these three steps:

  1. Download the freebie at the bottom of the post.
  2. Give a pencil and/or crayons to each student.
  3. The children can draw a line to match up the feathers.

Do you need more puzzles ready to go? The One of a Kind Visual Perceptual Puzzle Pack digital download includes 27 black and white FUN puzzles to challenge your ability to spot the odd one out.  Each puzzle requires you to find the one animal or object that does not have a match.  The whimsical doodle pages include various themes such as cats, unicorns, dogs, whales, sweet treats, boats, dinosaurs, fairies, mermaids, superheroes and more!

One of a Kind Visual Perceptual Puzzle Pack

When Is A Good Time to Use This Puzzle?

Kids would love to complete this number puzzle for kids when:

  • you need a peacock theme activity
  • kids need to keep busy
  • practice visual scanning
  • they are done with an assignment early and need to keep busy.
  • quiet station at school
  • rainy day indoor activity.
  • indoor recess.

What Skills Does this Puzzle Work On?

Puzzles are fun to complete no doubt but did you know that they also work on brain power! Children are working on the following skills with this peacock puzzle:

  • visual discrimination skills
  • visual motor skills
  • visual scanning skills

These are all skills that children need for academics such as math and reading.

Need More Fun Puzzles?

Find the Differences – This download includes 30 find the differences puzzles and the solutions to the puzzles. Find 5 differences between the two pictures on each page. All the pages are in black and white. There are plenty of find the difference activities around but many are just way too difficult. This collection is easier to determine the differences between the pictures.

Download your FREE Peacock Puzzle for Kids Printable Here

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Illustration created by Vook under a Shutterstock license.