Pumpkin Coloring Pages for Kids

Pumpkin coloring pages for kids are a fun activity for your Halloween celebration or anytime once the leaves start to change color and Fall in upon us. Scare your friends with a pumpkin face or color it something original! You can download this FREE 6 page pumpkin coloring printable PDF at the bottom of the post.

How Does the FREE Printable Pumpkin Coloring Pages for Kids PDF Work?

All you need to do is these three steps:

Sign up and download the PDF on your device at the bottom of the post. Print in on paper size – 8.5 by 11″
Grab crayons, colored pencils and/or markers.
Pick a pumpkin coloring page and get started. They range from easy to harder designs.

If your kids love Halloween fun, check out this complete Halloween Puzzle and Activity Packet that includes 25 black and white pages for anytime the kids unplug.

This Halloween activity packet is perfect for children of all ages. It includes 25 black and white puzzles and activity pages.

If your kids love Halloween fun, check out this complete Halloween Puzzle and Activity Packet that includes 25 black and white pages for anytime the kids unplug.

When Is A Good Time to Use These Pumpkin Coloring Pages PDF?

Halloween is almost knocking at the door, are you ready? You have everything prepared? Baking pumpkins cookies for children’s party, carved pumpkins to light up the night… But wait, if you want kids to be really happy on this day, you should give them some fun activities before Halloween. Halloween coloring pages for kids are a great idea to entertain the guests of your party!

Kids would love to complete these coloring pages for:

  • a station at a Halloween party for classroom activities
  • have a jack o’ lanterns coloring contest with the blank pumpkin coloring page.
  • boredom buster for kids
  • anytime they unplug
  • quiet time after all that candy!

When they are all done, hang up the colored pictures for decoration around the classroom or house.

What Pumpkin Coloring Pages are Included?

This kid’s pumpkin coloring pages includes SIX FREE different Pumpkin coloring sheets that range from easy to more difficult:

  1. Blank Pumpkin Coloring Page – page one is a simple, blank pumpkin for the kids to color. Draw how you would carve the pumpkin. Color it all in orange or mix it up. Use your creativity. This one is perfect for younger kids or preschoolers. Make different jack o’ lanterns to decorate the classroom.
  2. Pumpkin Patterns – page two is a zentangle pumpkin coloring page that is not too difficult. Kids will enjoy coloring in the patterns. This could be used for Thanksgiving too! Color the picture different shades of orange or other Fall colors.
  3. Candy Pumpkin – page three is an adorable, cute candy pumpking. Make it colorful!
  4. Pumpkin Witch – page four combines a Halloween theme with a patterned pumpkin with a tall witch’s hat.
  5. Ghost and Pumpkins – page five is a darker line drawing to help children develop the skills to color within the lines.
  6. Pumpkin Patch – page six is the most difficult coloring page but also the prettiest.

It really depends on the child’s ability for which picture to choose. Halloween pumpkin with funny eyes drawing is the perfect activity if you want to create something really original. It costs nothing and anyone can draw it. Coloring is fun for children of all ages.

What Skills Does this FREE Pumpkin Coloring Pages Work On?

Coloring pages are fun to complete no doubt but did you know that they also work on fine motor skills and brainpower! Children are working on the following skills with these pumpkin coloring pages:

  • fine motor skills
  • eye hand coordination
  • visual motor skills
  • self-calming skills
  • creativity
  • imagination
  • FUN!

Did you know that studies show that although coloring is often considered an activity for children, many older people are now enjoying the benefits of this artistic hobby? Coloring has also become very popular with adults who enjoy doing it as a way to relieve stress or unwind after a long day at work or school.

When you add coloring to your life, there are actually quite a number of benefits that can be enjoyed. It is such a fun way to practice visual motor skills and self-calming. Research has found that it is a great way for kids, seniors, and adults to reduce stress while improving their fine motor skills and creativity. It is also believed to promote relaxation and help individuals maintain focus on the task at hand.

It is such a fun way to practice visual motor skills and self-calming.

Benefits of Coloring

Check out some of the many benefits that are said to be enjoyed when people choose to color on a regular basis. Coloring can provide hours of fun and plenty of hand-eye coordination practice.

1) Helps kids relax

Many children struggle with being over-stimulated by today’s fast-paced world and often have trouble winding down after they get home from school or daycare. Coloring can be a great way for kids to relax and focus on the task at hand without being distracted by video games or other types of screen time.

Art therapy has been shown to be very effective when it comes to helping children learn how to manage their stress levels in an effective manner. Coloring is just one type of art therapy that can be used to help kids relax and stay focused.

2) Improves fine motor skills

Coloring is a good activity for individuals of all ages who are working on developing their fine motor skills. It is an art form that almost everyone can enjoy.

3) Promotes mindfulness

A number of studies have been done into the benefits that can be enjoyed by those who color as a way to improve focusing on the present. People have reported that it takes their mind off of the day-to-day worries that can cause stress and boost symptoms of anxiety.

4) Promotes creativity

Coloring is not like most other types of art because it doesn’t require any type of training or artistic talent to enjoy it. Anyone can give it a try; there are even coloring books that come with animals and objects for kids who may not know how to draw anything yet.

Colorists are given free rein to use whatever colors they want to bring their drawings to life. Whether you choose bright or neutral hues, the end result is bound to be one that you can be proud of. You may also discover that coloring allows your imagination and creativity to flow much more freely than when drawing by hand or when doing other types of art.

5) Provides nostalgia

For some people, coloring provides a sense of nostalgia that takes them back to the simpler times in their lives when they colored as kids. Since many adults today recall enjoying this activity when they were young, it can be very satisfying for them to go back and enjoy it again.

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Pumpkin coloring pages for kids are a fun activity before Halloween or anytime in the Fall.  Download your FREE copy today from Growing Play.