Summer Facts for Kids

Do you feel the weather getting warmer? That means summer is coming! Feel the sun on your face and lather up that sunscreen for the warmest season of the year! Summer temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the air can become very humid. Do you know what humid means? Humid is when the air feels dry and sticky. Make sure you stay hydrated and take a dip in the pool if you can. Cooling off in a pool is one of my favorite summer activities, but there are so many activities you can do in the summer. Keep reading to find summer activity ideas and I promise, you’ll learn a few summer facts for kids too! Download a FREE Summer Word Search at the bottom of the post to challenge the kids.

The Summer Season

1. Did you know summer is different in different parts of the world? In the southern hemisphere, summer lasts from December to February while in the northern hemisphere, we know summer to be the whole months of June, July, and August. What’s your favorite summer month?

2. The beginning of summer falls on June 21st in the north part of the world. This is the day of the summer solstice, which is also the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Conversely, this will be the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere. The northern hemisphere experiences warm weather and over 16 hours of sunlight, while people on the south sides of the earth will see much cooler temperatures and only about 8 hours of sunlight. That’s a huge difference!

Summer Facts for Kids – The Sun in Summer

3. The sun actually stays out longer during summertime, which creates longer days. These long days mean more sunlight and more time to play outside! What’s your favorite outdoor summer activity?

4. Summer is the hottest time of the year since the sun is closest to the Earth. The Earth rotates and travels around the sun, which is why we experience the different seasons. What is your favorite season?

Summer Temperatures

5. Summer is the hottest season of the year. The average temperature in Florida during the summer is 83 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius) although some temperatures, especially in the warmer months can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius)!

6. The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth was 134.1 degrees Fahrenheit! This occurred in late July in Death Valley in the United States during the 1913 astronomical summer.

Kids in Summer

7. If you’re a kid, I’m sure you know all about summer vacation and how much you look forward to it each year. It means no school, more sun, and more fun! Whether you spend the season at a summer camp or in your own backyard, make sure you spend lots of time outside.

8. Some popular summer activities include swimming, camping, hiking, biking, and playing in the park. On hot days, you can usually find kids playing in pools or running through sprinklers to cool off. What is your favorite summer activity?

Summer Facts for Kids – Summer Foods

9. Summer fruits and vegetables are delicious! Watermelon, strawberries, and tomatoes are some of our favorites. What are your favorite summer foods?

10. Do you love ice cream? One of the best parts about summer is all the yummy ice cream flavors to choose from! From vanilla to chocolate and even cotton candy, the best way to enjoy ice cream is in a waffle cone on a hot summer day.

Summer Holidays

11. Fourth of July is a fun summer holiday where people celebrate by having barbecues, picnics, and setting off fireworks. This holiday takes place in the month of July and on the same day each year. What are your family’s Fourth of July traditions?

12. Another summer holiday is Labor Day. Labor Day occurs at the end of summer typically in late August or early September. Labor Day means it’s almost time for back to school, but it also means no work for many adults. So, while I’m sure you don’t love labor day now, I promise you will appreciate it once you’re older.

13. The Summer Olympics also take place during the summer months. The Summer Olympics has been held in a variety of places around the World, including the United Kingdom, France, and Japan. Any idea who created the very first Olympics? The Ancient Greeks! That’s right! The Olympics have been around for that long! Of course we have adapted their competition to the modern Olympics we know today, but we can’t forget where they all started.

Summer Facts for Kids – More Summer Activities

14. Warmer summer temperatures means more time to spend at the beach or poolside. Just don’t forget to put on sunscreen before you go outside to enjoy the summer sun!

15. Summer is a great time to get active and try new sports or outdoor activities. Try hiking through a nature trail or walking around the neighborhood. This is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time!

16. Going on a road trip is another fun summer pastime – just don’t forget to pack snacks and drinks for the ride!

17. Try a picnic! Drive to a park or set up a spread right in your own backyard.

18. Camping is another popular summer activity, and there are many different ways to camp depending on your preferences. From a tent, to a lean-to, and even a cabin find what works best for you and enjoy the nature all around you.

Summer Fun and You!

No matter what summer activities you enjoy, make sure to take some time to relax and enjoy the warmer weather. Of course you can’t forget the food! From watermelon and strawberries, to slushies and ice cream there are so many different foods you can enjoy. Wash it down with a nice, cool glass of lemonade, perfect for those hot summer days. So, let me ask you, are you drooling over summer yet? I promise, it’s not that far away.

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