Monster Memory Game for Kids – Free Printable

Check out this fun activity, the exciting Monster Memory Game! This isn’t just your classic card game; it’s an entertaining experience that guarantees hours of entertainment for children of all ages. From the classic matching game elements to the suspense of finding out which monster is hiding, this game has it all! Download your FREE copy at the bottom of this post.

What is the Monster Memory Game?

The Monster Memory Game is an innovative board game that combines the fun elements of visual discrimination, the excitement of the classic card game, and the challenge of monster match. This game is suitable for 2-4 players and offers various ways to play, making it a versatile choice for all gaming occasions. Whether you’re the first player or the next player, the thrill remains consistent!

Benefits of the Monster Memory Match Game

Enhancing Visual Discrimination

Visual discrimination is a critical skill, especially for young learners. The Monster Memory Game, through its matching monsters feature, helps in honing this skill in a fun way. Players learn to differentiate between similar-looking monsters and select the right match.

Hours of Entertainment

The game is designed to keep players engaged for long durations. With multiple ways to play, children of all ages will find it difficult to get bored. From the excitement of the slap game in OPTION 2 to the classic matching game in OPTION 3, there’s something for everyone.

How to Play the Monster Memory Game

Follow the detailed instructions below to dive into the monster world:

  1. Print the memory game cards. Print one copy for this Memory Game.
  2. Print the memory board game. For the small option, print the one page board. For the larger option, print the four sections of the game board, cut them out, and tape the sections together to make one large game board.
  3. Print and cut out the WHO IS HIDING cards.
  4. Place the memory cards, face up, around the Memory Game Board.
  5. Everyone closes their eyes or leaves the room except one player, who places the WHO IS HIDING card over one of the objects.
  6. The rest of the players have to figure out who is hiding. Choosing from the cards around the game board, the first player to slap the correct matching card is the WINNER!
  7. The winner gets to hide the object for the next round.

OPTION 3: Print two copies of the cards to play traditional memory with the cards (place cards face down and try to find matches).

OPTION 2: Place the game board in the middle. Put all the cards face down in a pile. Turn over one card. The first person to find the object keeps the card. Continue turning over cards until the bottom of the deck. The person with the most cards is the winner!

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Download the Monster Memory Game

Ready to embark on the monster matching journey? Download the Monster Memory Game here. Ensure to check our privacy policy and adhere to our security practices while downloading.

The Monster Memory Game is not just about matching pairs or getting the high score; it’s about creating memorable moments. So, grab the blue monster, press that space key, and let the games begin!