Christmas Finish My Phrase Free Printable – Instant Download

Get ready for endless laughter and joy with our “Christmas Finish My Phrase Free Printable” – the perfect Christmas party game addition to your holiday festivities. This fun and easy game, is a great way to liven up christmas parties for the whole family. It is now available for you to download as a free printable PDF for your personal use at the bottom of this blog post!

How to Play the Christmas Finish My Phrase Game

The game is simple yet incredibly entertaining, making it a perfect choice for large groups, kids of all ages, and family gatherings. The object of the game is to score the most points by getting the Christmas words and phrases correct. Here’s how to play:

  1. Choose a Game Leader: One person (the leader) completes the phrases on a game card. Their answers are considered the ‘official’ answers for that round.
  2. Distribute Game Cards: Each player or team gets a game card with the same set of incomplete Christmas-related phrases.
  3. Match or Guess the Answers: Players try to finish each phrase in a way that matches the leader’s answers or comes closest to them. Each person fills in the answers or you can do it as a team of family members.
  4. Scoring: Points are awarded for each match with the leader’s answers. The player or team with the most points at the end of the game wins!
  5. Alternative Play Style: Instead of matching one person’s answers, use a pre-made answer key of popular or expected responses. Players score points based on how closely their answers match the key.

Christmas Finish My Phrase: Sample Phrases for Your Game

Here are some sample phrases to include in your “Christmas Finish My Phrase” game cards:

  1. “All I want for Christmas is ________.”
  2. “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is ________.”
  3. “On Christmas morning, I can’t wait to ________.”
  4. “My favorite Christmas movie is ________.”
  5. “The best Christmas song is ________.”
  6. “Santa Claus always ________.”
  7. “Every Christmas Eve, we ________.”
  8. “The tastiest Christmas treat is ________.”
  9. “I love decorating the Christmas tree with ________.”
  10. “The holiday season is the perfect time for ________.”

Feel free to add more phrases and tailor them to suit the age and interests of your group.

A Great Ice Breaker Game for Your Next Christmas Party

“Christmas Finish My Phrase” is not just a fun activity; it’s a fantastic way to break the ice and get guests interacting at your christmas parties. It’s a game that brings laughter and joy, making it an ideal choice for holiday parties, family game nights, and even office parties.

Here are other times this game can be used:

  • Family game night during December
  • Add it to the fun of a gift exchange game
  • Play it while you wait for guests to arrive for a Christmas Bingo Game Night 

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Download Your Free Christmas Finish My Phrase Printable Now!

Excited to bring this fun game to your next holiday gathering? These printables are available in PDF format for immediate and instant download.