January 26 Fact of the Day for Kids

Every day brings a new opportunity to learn something interesting and fun, and January 26 is no exception. Kids and adults alike can discover intriguing facts and participate in engaging activities to make the most out of every day. You can check out all of the Fact of the Day for Kids here.

Today’s fun fact might surprise you – it’s impossible to hum a tune while holding your nose! Humming involves creating a sound by vibrating the vocal cords and resonating the air in your nasal and oral cavities. When you plug your nose, you block the airflow through your nasal passages, disrupting the resonance that’s essential for humming. The nasal cavity acts as a resonator, amplifying and shaping the sound. With your nose blocked, this resonating space is lost, making it nearly impossible to produce the characteristic sound of a hum.


Today’s fun peculiar fact opens the door to a range of creative activities. Here are five ideas to celebrate this unique bit of trivia by exploring other fun body challenges:

  • Try saying a tongue twister as fast as you can, like “She sells seashells by the seashore,” or can you say “toy boat” three times fast?
  • Challenge yourself to pat your head and rub your stomach simultaneously.
  • See if you can balance on one foot while touching your nose with your eyes closed.
  • Attempt to write your name with your non-dominant hand.
  • Have fun making shadow puppets with your hands under a flashlight.


The human body is not just a marvel of biology; it’s a source of countless stories, dreams, and challenges. Here are some prompts to inspire you to think more deeply and creatively about the wonders of the human body:

  • If you could set a Guinness World Record for an extraordinary ability of your body, what would it be and why?
  • Imagine you have the power to enhance one of your senses to superhero levels. Which sense would you choose to amplify, and how would you use your newfound ability?
  • Write a short story where you wake up with the ability to speak and understand the language of animals. How would this change your daily life?
  • Think of a new, never-seen-before sport that takes advantage of a unique body skill. Describe the rules and how it’s played.
  • If you could invent a gadget that helps humans enhance a bodily function or ability, what would it be, and how would it work?


Here are a few questions to spark conversation. Would you rather…

  • Here are a few questions to spark conversation about the amazing capabilities and oddities of the human body. Would you rather…
  • Have the flexibility to perform any gymnastic move perfectly or the strength to lift anything you want?
  • Be able to taste every little ingredient in your food, or have the ability to identify every sound you hear accurately?
  • Never get tired no matter how much physical activity you do, or never have to sleep but always feel well-rested?
  • Have the ability to read extremely fast with full comprehension, or have an eidetic memory (photographic memory)?
  • Be able to communicate in every language fluently, or be able to play every musical instrument perfectly?


Here are more fun ideas to help keep the kids entertained:

The human body is full of surprises, from the unexpected challenges of humming with a plugged nose to the astonishing abilities that make each of us unique. Exploring these fun facts and activities not only sparks curiosity but also deepens our appreciation for the intricate wonders of our own biology. Remember, there’s always something new and exciting to learn, so don’t miss out on the adventure. Be sure to return for more fun facts and continue this fascinating journey of discovery and learning!