January 31 – Fun Fact of the Day for Kids

On January 31, we celebrate National Backwards Day! It’s a day of fun and creativity when you can do things in reverse. To learn more about other exciting facts, visit the Fact of the Day for Kids here.

Can You Solve the Puzzle for January 31st Fun Fact of the Day for Kids and Adults?

How quickly can you solve these words that are written backward? The answers are at the bottom of the page.

  1. dnuorgyalp
  2. tesgniws
  3. noollab
  4. popillol
  5. erutnevda
  6. elbbub
  7. kcurterif
  8. ecneics
  9. gnimmiws
  10. leehwtrac

Five Fun Facts About National Backwards Day

  • National Backwards Day encourages people to do things in reverse, like wearing clothes backward or writing words in reverse order.
  • Some people believe that this holiday originated from ancient traditions and superstitions.
  • It’s a day to have fun and be silly with your friends and family.
  • Some schools and communities organize special events or contests to celebrate this unique day.
  • You can even try talking backward or reading a book from the last page to the first!

Activity Ideas to Celebrate January 31

  • Wear your clothes backward for the day and challenge your friends to do the same.
  • Try writing a secret message in reverse and see if your friends can decode it.
  • Try completing a maze backwards – start at the finish line.
  • Create a backwards-themed scavenger hunt where clues lead to hidden treasures.
  • Watch a movie or read a book starting from the last scene or the last chapter.
  • Have a “backwards” meal where you eat dessert first, followed by the main course.

Questions to Think About for January 31

  • Why do you think people enjoy celebrating National Backwards Day?
  • Can you find any other holidays or traditions from around the world that involve doing things in reverse?
  • How might you explain the concept of “backwards” to someone who has never heard of it before?
  • What are some creative ways to celebrate this holiday besides the activities mentioned above?
  • How do you think celebrating National Backwards Day can bring laughter and joy to people’s lives?

Would You Rather Questions for January 31

  • Would you rather wear your clothes backward for a day or speak in reverse for a day?
  • Would you rather read a book starting from the last page or watch a movie starting from the final scene?
  • Would you rather celebrate National Backwards Day with your friends or with your family?
  • Would you rather have a “backwards” meal every day or only on special occasions?
  • Would you rather create a backwards-themed craft project or a backwards-themed dance routine?

More Fun Stuff

Answers to the Backward Puzzle

How quickly did you solve the backward word list?

  1. playground
  2. swingset
  3. balloon
  4. lollipop
  5. adventure
  6. bubble
  7. firetruck
  8. science
  9. swimming
  10. cartwheel