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5 Must-Know Football Facts for Kids

Sports are one of the main sources of entertainment globally. The history of sports goes as far back as the origin of man, and several sports have come and gone over the years. Here are some great football facts for kids (and we are talking about soccer here not American football). Various sports are practiced […]

9 Black History Month Facts For Kids

The African American community spent several years being oppressed and undermined. It took several years of fighting, protests, and, unfortunately, death before equality and human rights became a norm in society. Here are some interesting Black History Month Facts For Kids. Due to the long stretch of oppression, African Americans became more known for their […]

Cat Facts for Kids – All You Should Know About Furry Pets

We’re all familiar with the furry little animals called cats. They are one of the most owned pets worldwide and are as common as dogs. Cats are curious animals, although they might not seem like it at first look. Read one for lots of cat facts for kids. Many cat owners can attest to the […]