Playing Pretend Using the iPad

Want to learn how you can mark up pdf documents so that you can write on them on your iPad?  This is a wonderful way to turn our Pretend Play books into your own iPad apps to let your children take digital documentation just like some doctors do!  Plus, it combines the technology with good old fashioned playtime.  One more bonus, you do not have to print the colored pages.

Basically this free app allows you to mark and draw on the iPad with pdf documents. Here is how you do it:

Step 1: On your iPad download the an app that lets you mark up pdf documents. There are few available.  Some are free and some are inexpensive ($0.99).  For the pictures above I used Neu.Annotate.  I have also used pdf-notes free in the past and that works well too.

Step 2:  Email yourself a copy of the pdf document such as Pretend Play Doctor and Hospital.

Step 3:  If you have just purchased it open up your download link on your iPad and you can select to open it up in pdf notes or Neu.annotate.  If you emailed it to yourself, click on the attachment and select to open it up in pdf notes or Neu.annotate.

Step 4:  Start playing around with the document.  You can write with your finger, write in text boxes, use stamps to make ‘X’ marks and erase.  There is a very small learning curve to figure out all the tools but it takes all of 5 minutes if you are familiar with the iPad already.

Step 5:  Open up your pretend doctor’s office, emergency room, school or animal clinic and get started with your digital documents.