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Homemade Props for Playing Doctor

band aidsHere are some simple ideas to make to add to your playing doctor and hospital kits. Above is some homemade band-aids made out of felt. If you do not like to sew you could just glue on the different colored felts. I love felt for simple projects like this since it is very economical and soft to touch. If you want, you can add velcro so the bandages will actually close.



You can also make a basic cast out of a piece of felt. I just took one piece of felt, folded it half lengthwise, and sewed down one side. I turned it inside out and cut out a thumb hole. It fits kids up to about 9 years old. If you do not have felt and do not sew you could just cut a thumb hole in a white tube sock for the same effect.
icepackAbove is an ice pack for play. The kids will enjoy helping to make this prop. Pour Dawn soap (make sure it is Dawn) into a plastic bag. Seal it up (I added extra duct tape and put it inside another baggie just in case). Put it in the freezer. It freezes just like a gel ice pack so it is flexible. Lots of fun to wrap around an “injured” arm. Personally, makes a nice icepack for real boo-boos as well!

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