Rules for Adults During Play Time

play timeDuring this time of year, children usually have many new toys and gadgets to play with. Parents can play a supportive role in encouraging play skills and get in some fun bonding time.

Here are several tips when playing with children:

  1. Turn off all cell phones, televisions and computers while you are playing with your child. Set a good example by ignoring your electronic devices while you play.
  2. Follow the child’s lead. Let the child decide what to play with. If the child is playing pretend play along and follow their directions.
  3. Play at the child’s level. If the child is playing on the floor, get down on the floor to play with him or her.
  4. Do not have a plan. This is the hardest to follow. With all the routine and rushing in today’s lives, it is very hard as a parent not to have a plan. Just sit and play even if it is just for a few mintues. The child will appreciate your undivided attention.

You can print out this flyer to hang up in your playroom to remind parents how to “behave” during playtime.