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Indoor Snowballs

Indoor SnowballsHere in upstate New York we have had a very mild winter. This is great since we can still play outside without a few feet of snow on the ground, but the kids are definitely missing the snow.
Indoor Snowballs1I made some indoor snowballs that stored in a handy snowman container (recycled baby puff cereal container).Indoor Snowballs2We experimented with different fabrics and colors. The snowballs are just strips of felt or fabric with one larger strip of felt tied tightly around the middle. Then the snowball fights started. First the kids just threw them at each other. Then they created some relay races using spatulas as shovels, who could get the snowball shoveled across the room the quickest. They practiced throwing the snowballs up and catching them. It was interesting to observe how the different fabrics effected how far you could throw the snowballs. Finally, they tried juggling them with a partner.

If you want to practice cutting skills, it was fun to give the snowballs a haircut to even out the circular form.

If you don’t have any felt or fabric you could just ball up some white socks. The nice thing about the felt snowballs was now matter how hard you threw them they did not hurt when you hit someone with them. The balled up socks do hurt a bit if someone throws really hard.

Enjoy the snow ball fighting!!!!

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