Pretend Shops

Recently on a weekend morning, the children thought up to play pretend shops. Each child created their own shop where they created prices for various services or items. They set up different stations in separate areas. I gave each child $0.50 to spend at the different shops. This lasted for hours. Here is what they came up with:
Pretend Shops1. Spa – I visited this shop a few times. Foot massages were only $0.10!
Pretend Shops12. Hair Coloring – I saw somewhere on Pinterest that you could use oil pastels to temporarily color strips of hair. It worked pretty well and washed out easily.
Pretend Shops23. Cafe – hot chocolate and cookies were sold in this shop with waitress service. This was a hot spot to hang out.
Pretend Shops34. Carnival Games and Rides – the baby loved all the rides at this shop. Prizes of recycled stuffed animals were awarded for throwing balls at different targets.
Pretend Shops45. Face Painting – I don’t think they even charged for this shop they enjoyed doing it so much.

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