Outdoor Math Hunt

math hunt

Here is a fun outdoor game to practice math skills.  We have played this before using cards and vocabulary words but figured we would change it up and practice math.  It works just like a treasure hunt.

1.  Head outdoors with sidewalk chalk.  Write the first problem i.e. 4+4=.  Continue creating problems and write the answers with a new problem underneath.  At the end of the hunt, write the final answer in the circle and the word PRIZE below.

2.  Now time to go on the hunt.  Start at the first problem 4+4=.  Run to find the correct answer (8) inside the circle.  When you get to the correct answer, solve the problem below the circle.  Go and find the correct answer.  Continue until the child find the answer with the word PRIZE below.

Get creative where you write the problems.  Spread them out – try writing on trees and rocks.  It will all erase with a good rain fall.

The activity encourages:

  • math skills
  • physical activity
  • outdoor time

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