Animal Track Printables from A to Z

Animal track printables are an interactive and fun way to educate children about different animals. These hands-on resources make learning about animals, their behaviours, and their habitats engaging and fun. We have an exciting offer for you: download a free 3-page PDF with 26 animal track cards for the letters A to Z. This is […]


Backyard Games for Kids

You can encourage outdoor play in your children with this list of backyard games for kids.Help your family enjoy greater happiness & health.

Remember back to your own childhood. Did you play classic games like tag or hide and go seek? They are a great way to get the kids outdoors. You can encourage outdoor play in your children with this list of backyard games for kids. Help your family enjoy greater happiness and health. Learn more about […]

Outdoor Imagination Games

Finally, the weather appears to be getting a little nicer. Summer time is a great time to encourage your children to spend more time outdoors. Of course, you can do the obvious, bike rides, swimming, gardening, hiking, camping, mud pies and puddles. Here are five outdoor imagination games that may spark some interest with children. […]

Sock Painting

Sock painting is a super fun, outdoor activity to encourage the children that encourage creativity and body awareness.  Head outdoors and bring a hose or bucket of water with you for clean up time.  Squirt some paint on a plate and give the child a paintbrush.  All I said to the kids was that we […]

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Keep Life Simple

Keep life simple.  Seems easy enough right?  Wrong…  It is so hard to slow down these days.  Children are bombarded with information overload, over scheduling and high expectations.  Parents, in turn, are left to deal with managing the hectic schedules and maintaining a work home life balance.  Sometimes we all just need to take a […]


I Love Geocaching!

I just love geocaching.  If you are not familiar with geocaching you basically go on treasure hunts to look for hidden canisters using a GPS device.  We use an app on the iPhone to find our geocaches and log which ones we find.  This last find on Friday was one of our best ever  – […]