Sock Painting

Sock Painting from

Sock painting is a super fun, outdoor activity to encourage the children that encourage creativity and body awareness.  Head outdoors and bring a hose or bucket of water with you for clean up time.  Squirt some paint on a plate and give the child a paintbrush.  All I said to the kids was that we were going to paint some socks.  My intention was for them to put paint directly on their feet.

My little guy started off painting his feet.  He loves putting paint everywhere and mixing paint so this was his kind of activity.  For him painting is all about the “color mixing” and nothing to do with what the end result is in terms of artwork.  He is like this every time we paint – he just loves the process.

My daughter took it very literally and came out of the house with a pair of her white socks.  She started off painting her pair of real socks. Then she did take the plunge and paint her feet.  Even her older sister joined in.  In the meantime, my son added some full length arm gloves to his overall look.

We finished up with the hose and a change of clothes for the little guy.  This will definitely be a repeat activity on a warm day.  I love activities like this that just let the children explore with different art materials with no defined end results.  Children need open ended play time!

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