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Keep Life Simple


Keep life simple.  Seems easy enough right?  Wrong…  It is so hard to slow down these days.  Children are bombarded with information overload, over scheduling and high expectations.  Parents, in turn, are left to deal with managing the hectic schedules and maintaining a work home life balance.  Sometimes we all just need to take a step back, slow down and remember how important it is to keep life simple for children.  They grow up so quickly right before your eyes and before you know they will be graduating high school (trust me on this one – with 6 children ranging in age from a 17 year old down to a 2 year old in this house we have seen first hand how quickly they grow up).

So sit back, take a deep breath and work on keeping life simple…

Keep Life Simple reminds parents and children to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as swinging, hiking, baking, reading and more. The rhyming text is easy to read and creates happy childhood memories.  Get the Kindle Version of Keep Life Simple.