10 FREE Beach Games for Kids

Most of the time at the beach, my children are pretty occupied either swimming, playing in the sand or eating.  When you go to the beach every day for a week though sometimes they start to look for other things to do.  Here are 10 FREE beach games for kids: Sand Castle Contest:  Who can […]


Scrambled Plastic Eggs Game

I don’t know about you, but we have plastic Easter eggs all over our house.  For some reason, the collection gets bigger and bigger each year. The Easter bunny brings some, there is always an Easter egg hunt somewhere to add more and I always seem to buy even MORE.  With six kids and loads […]

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Summer Olympic Games Find and Color Activity

I am so excited for the upcoming Summer Olympic games.  As a family, we love to watch the Olympics together especially gymnastics and swimming.  I have to admit though sometimes there can be long breaks between exciting events (like the previous Olympics where curling went on for hours…).  Anyhow, this packet is great to print […]