Detective Games for Kids

Do your kids love playing detective? If they do, then they’ll love these detective games for kids! These games are perfect for kids who love solving puzzles and trying to figure out whodunit. Solving a mystery can be lots of fun! Whether it be at birthday parties or simply a rainy day, pretending to be Sherlock Holmes is always a good time! Check out these mystery games and ideas.

Scavenger or Treasure Hunts

In this game, kids have to go on a clue hunt that are hidden around the house or yard. Give them a list of items to find, and see how fast they can find all the clues. This game is great for kids who are active and love to move around. 

We create one clue that leads to the next clue and so on.  At the end of the hunt, I usually hide a small prize like a piece of candy or a few coins.

The kids like to create their own hunts too!

Detective Hide and Seek

In this game, kids have to find objects as quickly as they can and bring them back to the starting point. They can only find one object at a time. . Give them a list of items to find, and set a timer for how long they have to find all the items. 

If you have a group of kids, make two teams and see which team can find everything the quickest.

Detective Games for Kids – Who Did It?

In this game, kids have to use their deductive reasoning skills to figure out who committed a crime. Give them a list of suspects and clues, and see if they can narrow it down to the culprit. This game is perfect for kids who are logical thinkers. Try solving the Case of the Missing Diamond.

Detective Mystery Game

Be a private investigator and try this free printable detective game. Print the worksheet, look at pictures of the suspects, use decisive reasoning, and follow the clues to find the six suspects.

Detective Wordsearch

This indoor activity is perfect for small groups or a large group of children. Print off the puzzles and start challenging kids’ brains. Use your detective skills to find all the words on the list. Get your Detective Word Search here.

Detective Games for Kids – Secret Codes

Have you ever made a secret code? It can be a logic and critical thinking puzzle like Guess the Pet or you could make your own secret messages.

Have you ever tried a decoder pen that writes with secret ink that you can only see with a blue light? 

Or how about using lemon juice to write your invisible message. Squeeze some lemon juice and use a q-tip or paintbrush to write your secret message. You can put your message under a hot light bulb or hair dryer to reveal the lemon juice invisible ink.

Mystery Puzzle Detective Games for Kids

This mystery puzzle is excellent for detective training. Be a real-life Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew. Follow these instructions on the page. Look over the page with all the faces on it. Explain to the children that they will have to use their powers of deduction to help the policemen solve the case of the missing friend. Here is your case assigned to you by the police.

The police are on the lookout for a person who lost their group of friends. The friends described this person with the following characteristics: 1) big eyes 2) long hair 3) four teeth. 

Can you find the missing person in the crowd? Download the PDF puzzle for free.

Monster Puzzle to Solve

Fun detective activities can also be riddles or brain teasers.  This monster brain teaser is a quick fun game to play.

Secret Spy Mission Scavenger Cards

All secrets agents need a mission, and this one can be done all in the comfort of your own home. Use the cards in this packet or make your own to give each child a mission to either find something around the house, like a toy car or something shiny, draw a picture or two, or write down something important, like all the letters in the alphabet! For older kids, they can team up and make it a race against the clock to see who will complete their mission first! Download three sample spy missions for your secret agent birthday party here.

Detective Birthday Party Theme for Your Little Detectives

Read all about how to host a Secret Agent Birthday Party. It provides all sorts of inspiration and fun party games.

Need Supplies for Your Detective Games for Kids?

Secret Agent Packet – includes secret agent oaths, club, handshakes, secret codes, secret missions, handwriting analysis, lie detecting and more! Kids ages 5+ will love this packet to take playing pretend a step further.  FIND OUT MORE. 

The Detective Puzzle Pack includes the following puzzles: word search, mazes, mysteries to solve, codes to break and more!

Perfect as a boredom buster or secret agent birthday party favors!