Plus or Minus Game – Perfect Class Review Game

Do you need a fun class review game in a hurry? Or maybe you just need to entertain a group of children for 5 minutes? The Plus or Minus game can be played anywhere and with a large group. You do need at least two people to play.

How to Set up the Plus or Minus Class Review Game

You will need blank paper, index cards, or sticky notes to play this game. Write down plus or minus numbers on each sticky note. For example, write +10, -5, +20, 0, -10, 20 and +5 on the back of the sticky notes.

Place those sticky notes on the wall or a table so you can not see the numbers that are written on them.

How to Play the Plus or Minus Game

Get a set of review questions or make up your own questions to be used for this class review game. Separate the class into two teams. Take turns answering questions. If you get it right, pick a sticky note. Read the number of points you earned. It will either increase your score (plus number) or decrease your score (minus number). Keep a running score.

The team with the most points when all the sticky notes are scored is the winner!

Mix up the sticky notes and play again with more review questions.

This game is awesome because any team can come from behind and win even if they only get one question right! It keeps everyone interested for longer.

Need to change up the Plus or Minus Class Review Game?

Maybe you have little ones who can not add or subtract numbers. Draw smile faces and sad faces on the back. The team with the most smile faces can be the winning team!

Maybe you don’t have to review anything, but need to entertain the kids for 5 minutes. Use the same scoring system, but ask the kids random questions about family members, teachers, or friends that you know the answer to. For example, “what is Grandma’s middle name?” or “what is the teacher’s favorite color?”.

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