Pass the Card Game – 5 Minute Games

As a parent, a Sunday school teacher and an Odyssey of the Mind coach, I am always in need of quick 5 minute games to entertain the kids at random moments. Maybe we have 5 minutes left of class or we are waiting for food at the restaurant but when kids get antsy you need to have something ready. Having a few go-to ideas are always helpful. The Pass the Card game is one of those on the fly games that are super easy to adapt.

Materials needed for the Pass the Card Game

You will need matching cards (or make your own matching cards on scrap paper with sight words, math problems, simple drawings, etc). and music (use your phone). If you don’t want to use music you can count to 10 or 20.

Each player should have one card. The matches to those cards should be shuffled in another pile. For example, if you have 5 people playing you need 5 matching card sets for a total of 10 cards.

How to Play the Pass the Card Game

Once each player has a card and the matches to those cards are face down in a pile, turn on music or start counting. Pass the cards to the right in a circle. Continue to pass the cards until the music stops or the you finish counting.

Everyone freezes then and hold their card. Turn over the top card on the face down pile. Whoever has the match to that card is the winner!

Shuffle the face down pile, start the music and begin passing the cards again to play another round.

Other Ways to Play the Pass the Card Game

You could play this game at a birthday party. For example, if you were having a unicorn birthday party, then print these matching magical unicorn cards. Give one card to each child at the party. When the music stops you are out of the game. The last person who remains wins a prize!

If you don’t have matching cards, grab various items that you do have at your disposal right away. For example, if you are at a restaurant a person could grab a fork, spoon, sugar packet, etc. One person would sit out each round. That person writes down on a scrap of paper or types into their phone, the winning object before the round starts. Start passing the objects and count to 10. Reveal the object that is the winning object. Whoever is holding it, is the winner!

Need more ideas to pass the time?

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