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What Looks Like More Fun?

What Looks Like More Fun

What do you think looks like more fun?  Choice A or choice B?  Question #2 is what do you think your children will remember when they get older?  Choice A or choice B?

I find it sad when I see children all circled around a smartphone or even worse every child just staring at their own cell phone.  Kids, including teenagers, should be socializing with each other and playing. Play should not constitute of only sharing funny videos or apps.

Don’t get me wrong – there is a place for technology in children’s lives.  My concern is the overuse of technology while children are developing play skills, social skills and motor skills.

I want my children to look back on their childhood and remember all the fun they had outdoors, camping, playing cards, board games, hiking, swimming, fishing, sledding, and exploring.  They may also remember watching movies together, playing Family Feud on the iPad, videoing crazy skits they created or geocaching. Technology does have a place in play development but it needs to be used wisely.Set the Record GameLooking for a fun game to play when you turn off the electronics?  Check out Set the Record – download it right away and start playing!