Play Outdoors – Flour Socks

flour socks
Head outdoors with some flour socks today.  All you need to do is take an old sock and pour some flour into it (about 1/2 cup).  Tie off the sock.

"flour<brThe kids can whack it against the ground to leave marks on the pavement, trees or big rocks.  Might seem simple, but the kids love playing with these.flour socks1Try having a throwing contest.  It is super easy to keep track of where it lands because it leaves a mark.  Challenge yourself how far you can throw it.

We have always used just flour in the socks, but if your child is into smashing, try putting some sidewalk chalk pieces into the socks.  Smash them up with a hammer or rock and use them to leave colored marks.

This activity encourages:

  •  physical activity
  • outdoor play
  • eye hand coordination
  • upper extremity strengthening (all that whacking against the pavement can lead to stronger muscles!)

Want more ideas like this to get kids playing, moving and developing to the full potential?  Check out the book Play, Move, Develop.

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