Simple Egg Box

simple egg box

After getting some inspiration from this blog post about Easter ideas, I decided to make a simple egg box myself (keep in mind, mine does not look nearly as pretty as hers I cut corners whenever possible).

I am always looking for simple ideas for my 18 month old to play with to keep her busy.  This was a hit.  It took me all of 2 minutes to create (hence why it does not look pretty).  I just used a knife and cut some holes in the top of a shoe box.  Two of the holes were meant to be tight for the plastic eggs so she could hammer the eggs into the box, instead of just dropping them in.  On the side, I cut out a little trap door to get the eggs out of.  For the 2 minutes of prep time, this kept her busy for about 15 minutes.  Well worth the investment of 2 minutes!

This simple egg box encourages:

  • eye hand coordination
  • language development: IN versus OUT

If you wanted to make it harder, you could add some colored dots to the openings so the child would have to color match. Or maybe put numbers and the child has to put that many eggs in the hole.

Check out my toddler ideas board on Pinterest for more inspiration.