Color Sorting and Rainbow Fun

Using cereal, pipe cleaners and marshmallows, my youngest enjoyed sorting colored cereal and making some edible rainbows.  Print out the color sorting mat (see below).  Place Fruit Loops or other colored cereal in a bowl next the mat. The child can place each colored fruit loop into the matching color circle. After the cereal is […]

#1 BEST IDEA to Entertain a Toddler

I have to admit, I find the toddler stage the most difficult time when raising children.  For years, I heard from other parents “wait until  you have teenagers…”.  Well, I have teenagers and a toddler – a toddler is MUCH harder in my opinion.  I am speaking mostly about the 18-24 month stage.  Don’t get […]

Toddler Time: Unwrapping

Materials: small toys/objects and tin foil Preparation:  Wrap up the toys and objects in some tin foil.  Place the wrapped objects in a bowl or bucket. Activity: Start to unwrap one of the objects a tiny bit and let the child complete the unwrapping to discover the object.  Once the child learns how to open […]

Toddler Painting

Today we did some painting with water. My little guy is a handful. So finding activities that entertain him in one location for a few minutes can sometimes be a challenge. This activity gets a thumbs up from me. He “painted” for about 5-7 minutes straight which is lengthy for this guy. Thank God it […]

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Baby and Toddler Book Pages – Engaging for Baby and Easier to Hold

Baby Toddler Book Pages are a digital download of 10 entertaining and educational pages for baby. This set includes the following 10 themes: baby, dogs, cats, toys, animals, farm, trucks, outdoors and 2 color identification pages. You can print the pages on cardstock paper and laminate. If you don’t want to print the pages, let […]


My Top 3 Gift Ideas for Toddlers

I have to admit, I am getting really sick of seeing gift lists all over Pinterest and Facebook.  There are gift lists for every age, every gender, every personality type, etc with links to everything that Amazon sells.  It is starting to get on my nerves.  Don’t get me wrong I occasionally look for a […]