Toddler Time: Unwrapping

Toddler Time Unwrapping
Materials: small toys/objects and tin foil
Preparation:  Wrap up the toys and objects in some tin foil.  Place the wrapped objects in a bowl or bucket.
Activity: Start to unwrap one of the objects a tiny bit and let the child complete the unwrapping to discover the object.  Once the child learns how to open the tin foil encourage him/her to unwrap each object.
The child may also enjoy just tearing up little bits of tin foil or making a tin foil ball.
This activity could also be done with boxes/lids or jars/lids.  Put the toys inside the boxes or jars. The child has to open the box or jar to reveal the toy.
This activity lasted for at least 10 minutes with my toddler (record breaker)!  He loved it.  I had to wrap and rewrap objects several times.
This activity is from Play Move Develop.  This is a collection of 100 reproducible sensory motor activities to encourage motor skill development and learning. FIND OUT MORE HERE.