Toddler Time: Bottle Bat

Here is a simple toy to make with recycled items from around the house.  You will need a two liter bottle, paper towel tube, duct tape and colored cotton balls or pom poms. Put colored cotton balls or pom poms inside the two liter bottle.  This is just to add some visual fun therefore you […]


Kitchen Puzzle

Here is a quick way to make a homemade puzzle for little ones.  This is a great activity because you can vary it so easily based on your child’s ability but tracing a few shapes or more shapes. Grab a file folder or large paper.  Trace around some objects from your kitchen i.e. cookie cutters, […]


My First Nature Collection

Yesterday, my toddler enjoyed gathering items outdoors for her first nature collection.  I have been saving clear plastic jars with lids and this one sure came in handy.  She loved collecting rocks and picking dandelions.  She would drop them each in the jar and close it up.  With the jar being clear, she admired the […]

Toddler Time – Hot and Cold

Here is a toddler activity that will not only entertain your little one but also teach him or her about opposites and temperature. Put a mat on the floor or bring the activity outdoors.  I chose to put red and blue fun foam under the clear containers to add more contrast to the two trays […]

Dirty and Clean Stations

This activity started out as some shaving cream play.  I put some shaving cream on the small table.  My little toddler enjoyed it but not for too long.  What she really enjoyed was the change from dirty to clean.  I set up a bucket next to the shaving cream table so she could rinse off […]

Toddler Time – Tube Tray

Here is a simple activity for toddlers using recycled items.  Using clear packing tape, attach the toilet paper tubes to a piece of cardboard.  Put a tray of colorful items next to the tube tray.  The toddler can place the items inside the tubes.  For this activity, there was buttons, jingle bells and pipe cleaners […]

Fort with Lights

Grab some battery operated colored lights and toss inside a homemade tent.  Your toddler will be amazed while learning cause and effect and color recognition.  Turning on and off the lights was so much fun and evoked lots of talking (“on…off”).  This was loads of entertainment for my little one lasting throughout the day.  

Lotion Love

Some children enjoy playing with lotion.  This activity offers a pleasant sensory experience as well as an excellent learning opportunity to explore body awareness, body part identification (for the young ones), crossing midline to help with using both sides of the body correctly and right/ left discrimination. This can get messy but most children really […]