Ball of Surprises

After seeing this idea on Pinterest about making surprise snowballs, I thought my toddler would enjoy this any time of year.  So I just wrapped up a few trinkets from around the house inside some crepe paper to make a large ball.  Just start with a small trinket and start rolling.  I tucked the last […]

Homemade Dot Painters

I have made homemade dot markers before using cardboard circles and stamp pads.   This time I wanted to try creating some homemade dot painters.  These were super simple and entertained my toddler for quite some time.  Just put some washable paint into a small recycled water bottle.  Cover the top with a scrap of […]


Tot Time – Water Pouring

Water pouring is absolutely my daughter’s favorite past time right now (19 months).   Like most families with young children, our life is very hectic in the late afternoon between homework and preparing dinner.  Water pouring entertains the little one for at least 20 minutes.  She does make a big mess but sometimes I do […]


Simple Egg Box

After getting some inspiration from this blog post about Easter ideas, I decided to make a simple egg box myself (keep in mind, mine does not look nearly as pretty as hers I cut corners whenever possible). I am always looking for simple ideas for my 18 month old to play with to keep her […]

Coins in a Water Jar

Here is a very simple activity that engages children of all ages.  Instead of practicing putting coins or buttons in a bank, try putting them in a clear container with water in it.  It is mesmerizing and pretty to watch them float to the bottom.  Lightweight, colorful buttons were fun to watch.  Fake coins were […]