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Addition to Sensory Play

 Addition to Sensory PlayMy toddler loves sensory play with beans, rice, oatmeal and more.  We added this nice addition to her sensory play – the milk jug with a tube on it.  I just rolled a piece of cardstock, taped it closed and then duct taped it to the top of the milk jug.  I also cut open the side of the milk jug so she can get all the beans back out.  It just takes pouring one step further – they mystery of not seeing the beans for a moment intrigue her and then the beans make a wonderful noise when they drop into the milk jug. She also puts pom poms down the shoot – they fall quietly to the bottom.
For some reason the older kids always pick up this milk jug, turn it upside down and pretend it is a weed wacker or a leaf blower!  Kids have wonderful imaginations.