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Pretend Play Box – Doctor Hospital

doctor hospitalPretend Play Box -Doctor Hospital

What’s Inside: Inside this box is a home made clipboard (cardboard, contact paper and binder clip), some Pretend Play pages from Doctor and Hospital,  box of band aids, ace wrap, gauze, jar of cotton balls, container of Q-tips, fake ice pack (blue fun foam with clear paper shreds inside plastic bag), splint (cardboard wrapped in sheet of fun foam and duct tape), gloves, 2 basting brushes, fake needles for sutures, pretend cast and an arm sling.Doctor Hospital1

For the pretend cast, I wrapped fun foam around a paper towel cardboard tube that was cut up the middle.  I duct taped the ends.  Now the child can take it on and off easily and it fits many sizes.
Doctor Hospital2For the sling, I just used a long piece of fabric.  I tied a hair band around the ends to keep it together and that way it can be adjusted for size.
Doctor Hospital3For the “suture kit”, I twisted half of a pipe cleaner and duct taped the ends (to prevent any sharp edges of pipe cleaner).  Thread some dental floss through and the “doctor” is ready to suture.  The plastic case was recycled from the garbage literally (I found it in my daughter’s garbage can – not sure what it is from, forgot to ask).
What They Played: The 18 month old enjoyed taking the cotton balls in and out of the jar.  She also dropped the Q-tips in and out of the flip top container (recycled spice jar).  She also loves to put band aids on her dolls with help.  I think she mostly enjoyed just taking the band aids in and out of the box.
The older kids played pretend hospital and doctor.  The forms included check ups, x-ray sheet and prescription pad.  They used a wipe off marker on these to document the visit.  They took turns being the patient and the doctor.  There was lots of broken bones and ice packs.  The suture kit and the splint were lots of fun since they were different.  They liked using the splint to do i.v.’s.  It was novel since almost all of the stuff inside the box was not the typical store bought doctor’s kit.

Sign for the Box: If you are creating your own boxes I added the sign for the box to the document. You can view it at Pretend Play Box – Doctor Sign

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