Ball of Surprises

ball of surprises

After seeing this idea on Pinterest about making surprise snowballs, I thought my toddler would enjoy this any time of year.  So I just wrapped up a few trinkets from around the house inside some crepe paper to make a large ball.  Just start with a small trinket and start rolling.  I tucked the last piece in and let her have at it.  I had to help start it but then she enjoyed unwrapping the whole thing to reveal bean bags, a toy cat and more.

She did have fun unwrapping it but she had took more pleasure in just ripping and throwing the crepe paper.  When she was done with that I re-rolled the crepe paper into a ball which was about the size of a soft ball.  We tossed the ball around the room.  She thought this was so funny because it was so soft you could hit people with it, that was the best part for her.

This is what I always enjoy about kids and play.  I originally thought this would entertain her for a few minutes, literally.  It landed up lasting about 30 minutes (which is an eternity for a toddler).  She directed the play to go in a different direction and that is what play is all about.