Toddler Time: Bottle Bat

bottle batHere is a simple toy to make with recycled items from around the house.  You will need a two liter bottle, paper towel tube, duct tape and colored cotton balls or pom poms.
Put colored cotton balls or pom poms inside the two liter bottle.  This is just to add some visual fun therefore you can skip this step if you would like.  Fold the paper towel tube in half and shove it inside the top of the 2 liter bottle.  Wrap duct tape around the bottle top and the cardboard tube.  This will secure it tightly to the bottle.  Now your bottle bat is ready to play with.
The toddler can bang it on the floor or try to hit a ball.  It makes great noise and is fun to look at.
If an older child wants to use it as a bat, head outdoors.  This bat hits balls pretty far so do not try it indoors.