My Top 3 Gift Ideas for Toddlers

gift list toddler free
I have to admit, I am getting really sick of seeing gift lists all over Pinterest and Facebook.  There are gift lists for every age, every gender, every personality type, etc with links to everything that Amazon sells.  It is starting to get on my nerves.  Don’t get me wrong I occasionally look for a gift idea for the tough to buy for child but I have come to a realization that many gifts that children want (or parents for that matter) cost nothing.  So this week I will share with you my gift lists which are all free items!
So here we go starting off with my super awesome gift list for toddlers:
Gift List Toddler Water Play


Grab any plastic cups and a wash cloth that you have from around the house. Put them on a tray.  Put water in some of the cups. That’s it. That is all toddlers want – to splash in water.  If you don’t want the mess on the floor put the toddler in the tub or sink.  Need to gift wrap it up?  Just wrap up the plastic cups that you have and gift away.
gift lift toddler rocks


Head outdoors with your toddler.  Take a hike gathering small rocks as you go in a small bag.  When you get home wrap up the bag of rocks.  Don’t even clean them – that will be part of the fun for the toddler.  Give the toddler the rocks to sort, throw and wash up in gift #1, water!gift list toddler dirt


Head outdoors again.  Grab a kitchen spoon and dig up some dirt.  Put it in a recycled container and wrap it up.  Tie a cute ribbon around it with a spoon if you feel crafty.  Give the toddler the container of dirt.

If you put all three gifts together your toddler will be so PSYCHED!  And so will you because the toddler will entertain themselves for quite some time.  Win – win situation!

What is your favorite free gift for toddlers?