5 Games to Play with Pots and Pans

games to play with pots and pans

Through the years, one of the best go to toys for little ones is the kitchen pots and pans.  Here are 5 games to play with pots and pans:

1.  Lid Mix Up – separate all the pots, pans and the lids. Scatter them around a room.  See how quickly the child can find the correct lid and match it up to the pot.

2.  Musical Band – easiest and most favorite activity.  Add some wooden spoons and make some music!

3.  Water Fun – lay a large towel on the floor, pour some water in the pot and hand over a ladle.  Put another pot next to it so your little one can transfer the water from one pot to the other.

4.  Alphabet Soup – Toss some plastic letters or anything you have from around the house (ie cotton balls, cookie cutters, clothes pegs, etc) so the child can pretend to make soup.

5.  Hide the Animal – Place the pots around the room upside down.  The child can hide his/her eyes.  Pick a small stuffed animal and hide it under one of the pots.  The child can then open up his/her eyes and search for the missing stuffed animal.

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