DIY Pirate Swords

foam swordsThis is a great way to make pretend foam swords.  I made these years ago for my son’s birthday party and they still get tons of play time.  Now I know you can buy foam swords in the dollar store but they are not nearly as good as these.  These homemade swords are much longer, more bendable (therefore no pain when playing) and very durable.
All I did was purchase a pack of foal pipe insulators.  Cut them to the size you want.  Cut a small hole in the horizontal handle section and thread the long foam piece through.  Wrap with some blue electrical tape to keep in place and your sword is ready for a fight.  If you make a few these cost less than one dollar each.  You could use a pool noodle but I like the pipe insulation better because they are thinner and more bendable.
Toss them to your children for some good old fashioned pretend pirate play, knights or just some fencing.
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