Tiny Treasures

Tiny TreasuresIf your children enjoy playing doll house or any type of pretend play with figures you have to check out this website where the creator offers loads a tiny accessories to print and create.  The creating part is definitely for adult fingers.  It is tedious to work with such small pieces of paper with lots of folding and cutting.  But, the end result for your child’s pretend play is worth it.  You can create canned goods, potato chip bags (personal favorite), laundry detergent and groceries.  You can make some candy but it is very tiny.  Here is a quick tip though – I use tape to put them together (not glue).  Put some tiny scraps of paper inside the boxes to fill them out a bit which also prevents the toddler from crushing them.
You can view all the free printables for the groceries here.  You can also surf around the website where you will find printable tiny presents, gift bags and magazines.
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