5 Creative Computer Activities

5 Creative Computer Activities As much as I want children to play outdoors and experience daily physical activity you also need a balance in life.  Technology is large part of our culture.  Of course, I also want children to be proficient in computer use.   What I mean by proficient in computer use is know how to use the tools a computer has to offer.  I do not mean how to play video games or access social networking sites.  There are so many ways to learn how to use a computer and basically practice is probably the best.  We all learn by doing not by watching.  Learning word processing and keyboarding is a must but that is not always fun or exciting.   Sometimes it is nice to step outside the box and try out different fun tools.
Here are 5 websites to visit for creative computer learning:
MakeBeliefsComix:  This website is awesome.  It is free to use different comic book characters, scenes and props to create your own comic strips.  It is simple to teach yourself and the end result is really professional looking.  My children have used this website to add a fun visual for poster presentations.
Scratch:  If you want to get into the basics of computer programming you can download Scratch for free.  You can create interactive stories, games, music and art.  We have used this to make short movies.  It is definitely for an older child or a child who is savvy with the computer already.  Again, the end results is really nice.
Blabberize:  This website is creative and entertaining.  You can make pictures talk.  It is pretty funny.  My children have used this to make pictures of historical figures speak.
TheArtZone:  This website allows you to create interactive art online.  You can create animated story boards with pictures that are already available to you.  You can explore many different art forms right from your computer.  This website is simple to use with basic directions.
TuxPaint:  This is a free open source drawing program for children.  What a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of graphic design.
What are your favorite creative computer activities?