Simple Fishing Game

Simple Fishing GameSo we made some bow and arrows the other day which you can read about here.   After awhile of shooting arrows, the children took the bows apart and started using them as batons pretending to march in parades and do dance moves.  I love when toys take on new roles.  Well, this morning the toy became a fishing rod.  They attached the string back on one end and placed a magnet on the other end.  After twisting some pipe cleaners into fish shapes, the fishing game was ready to play.  They caught fish, pretended to be in a boat and practiced “casting”.  The older kids enjoyed the challenge of catching the fish from afar.   The toddler loved going up close to catch the fish and was so proud she could finally fish like the big kids do when we go camping.
Therefore, in total, the kids made three toys out of the same materials that originally cost about $2 for the parts.  Now that is some economical problem solving!
One more thing – if interested just came across the cutest free printable to go along with the fishing game – Fishing bingo.