Gifts For Preschoolers (Shhh you have all the stuff already!


As I mentioned previously in another blog post, I am getting tired of all the gift lists out there this holiday season. So many seem to link to a bunch of Amazon products so affiliate links can get clicks. It makes me wonder whether the blogger is truly suggesting the products or just looking for clicks. Which brings me to my next gift list and it is for preschoolers.


Give the gift of time by providing at least one hour of free time everyday for these little tikes. Many preschools have quite a rigorous school day and children need time to just play! Need to wrap something up to give as a gift? Check out this coupon book that offers plenty of ideas of what to do with your free time.


Sure there are loads of prepackaged explorer’s kits that include fancy things like binoculars and science test tubes but why not make your own? Through the years, my children have had loads of fun with cardboard paper tubes, baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, stapled paper, pens, etc. Toss all of the materials into a recycled plastic container or an old backpack. Your little explorer is all set from just repurposing stuff from around the house.


What child doesn’t love a cardboard box? The bigger the better.  They make them into caves, clubhouses, elevators, tunnels and more. The ideas are endless. Want to make them more gift like? Tie up some markers with a ribbon and attach them to the box.

What is your favorite preschooler gift idea? Please no Amazon links. Haha