Superiffic Gift List for Parents

Gift List Parents

On to my next gift list…. The parents!!! Kids and spouses listen up, this post is for you. Children get to write specific lists each year during the holiday season of what they would like to receive. What about us parents? Sure some will ask what we may want from the mall, online or a big box store. The bottom line is the things I want for Christmas are not available in any store. For a limited time all these gifts are 100% off the retail price. Wait there’s more! If you call in the next hour, I will give you 3 offers for the price of 1 at 100% off!  I know, I know you get it… They are all free! But you must act.

Gift #1 – Time

Please give me some time. Maybe it is just 30 minutes that you give some extra help. Pick up after yourselves. Put your shoes away. Pack your own lunch. All these acts add up to a huge time saver for me. If I don’t have to pick up everything before I vacuum I can get it done in half the time.

Gift #2 – Laundry help.

Could you imagine if one day the kids did all the laundry? I don’t mean one load. I mean bring all the dirty laundry to the washer, wash it all, dry it all, fold it all and put it all back away. In my household of 8 that would be the most amazing gift ever!

Gift #3 – Rides.

This might be the best gift of all for me personally. With six children we always have to drive someone somewhere. I LOVE when someone offers to pick up my kids or bring them home. If you really want to rock my world offer a ride during nap time so I don’t have to wake my little guy up to pick up another child.

Gift #4 – Make lunches.

Some of my children are old enough to make their own lunches. But often times I just do it quickly, well at least the sandwiches and they pack the rest. For me, the best thing about no school is not having to make lunches. If you want to give me gift for my birthday and Christmas make all the lunches for a whole week!

Gift #5 – Menu Plan.

I enjoy cooking dinner every night. I love to eat and always feel a sense of accomplishment after cooking a good meal. The part I don’t love is always deciding what to make. This last birthday my kids gave me a list of 30 dinner menu suggestions all typed up. #bestgiftever!

Gift #6 – Clean the whole house while I am gone.
Ok, this one would be impossible in my house but one can dream! The last time my entire house was clean at one time was about 18 months ago for the youngest one’s baptism party. And my standards of “clean” are a lot less than other people’s ideas of clean. But I would take vacuuming a few rooms while I was gone.
Gift #7 – Let me watch a movie or read a book in the middle of the day.
This would be so awesome! It has probably been years since I have done this. That is probably my own fault for not taking some time for myself but my to do list is always so long. You know what would be even better? Watching a movie or reading a book between the hours of 3-5:00. This is the toughest time of day between being a chauffeur, baby entertainer and chef.  Wow would it be nice to just go close my bedroom door and read a book. Then after a few hours head to the kitchen for dinner.
Gift #8 – Organize my photos. 
Better yet organize my life. I have talents but being organized and clean as mentioned previously are not one of them. We have photos falling out of the photo drawer. I have thousands of digital photos disorganized on the computer. Want to make me giggle with delete? Make a slide show with some of the pictures. I would watch it forever.
Gift # 9 – Don’t bicker for one whole day.
This is really two gifts in one. If you don’t bicker I save time because I don’t have to keep getting interrupted to break up your fights. Plus it would save on the wine bill because I could drink less.
Gift #10 – Give me a kiss and hug every day!
I might feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated at times but at the end of the day I know I am loved. Kiss and hug me everyday. There is no better present than this!