5 Ways to Play Rock Paper Scissors

5 ways to play rock paper scissors

Who doesn’t love a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors especially to settle a disagreement.  My kids can do it really fast because they are so used to settling arguments this way.

1.  ORIGINAL ROCK PAPER SCISSORS – So we all know the usual rules – Rock smashes Scissors – Scissors Cut Paper – Paper covers Rock.  On the count of three, you put on your hand as a rock (fist), scissors (two fingers open) or paper (hand flat) and then determine a winner.  It can be one and done or best out of 3 trials.

2.  ROCK PAPER SCISSORS BET – Rock Paper Scissors is a great game to pass the time when the kids are bored too! Try making a game out of it.  If you lose, you have to perform some physical activity.  Maybe the loser has to do 10 jumping jacks, push ups or climb the stairs.  Or maybe you can agree that the loser has to do you a favor within reason.

3.  ROCK PAPER SCISSORS GETS MOVING – Try changing up the motions – jumping with feet apart is rock (jump feet wide apart to symbolize a big rock), kicking one leg forward is scissors and jumping with feet together is paper.  Face each other, count to three and perform your jump.

4.  ELEPHANT CAT MICE – Try changing up the characters. Elephants stomp on cats, cats chase mice and mice scare elephants. On the count of three, either stomp feet, scratch like a cat or shake your mouse tail.

5.  ROCK PAPER SCISSORS TAG – Have a large group of people playing?  Separate everyone into two teams.  Create boundary lines of where to play the game.  You have to stay within the boundary lines during the tag game.  Decide together what motion each team will perform.  On a count of three, everyone on their team performs rock, paper or scissors.  The winning team has to chase the losing team.  If you get tagged you have to sit down.  Once everyone is tagged start over.

Need more game ideas?  

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