5 Reasons Why Every Family Should Go Camping

 5 Reasons Why Every Family SHould Go Camping

I am starting to get super excited.  It is almost time to go camping here in the Northeast.  When I was a child, each year we went camping together as a family.  Now we have a camping trailer that we use each season from May through October on a beautiful lake.

Here are the 5 reasons why I recommend that every family should go camping:

  1. Less responsibility.  We have a busy household during the school year.  When we leave to go camping, I don’t have to do laundry, we have minimal dishes and I plan super easy meals.  All of our lives get a little easier and less stressful.
  2. Less whining.  Our kids are never bored when we are camping.  Whether it be swimming, fishing, frogging or reading there seems to always be something to do.  The littlest ones require the least amount of entertainment when exploring the outdoors.
  3. Time to unplug.  Many campgrounds will have poor service so you have no choice but to ditch the smartphone. Many campers/RVs come with televisions.  We have a no TV or movie watching rule while camping.  We watch the campfire instead.  Instead of video games, try some games that require no equipment.
  4. Amazing views.  Whether you go hiking, boating, exploring or just stay on your campsite you will have amazing views of your children.  To watch a child interact with nature is something no parents wants to miss.  Slow down and just watch them swim, fish or dig in the dirt.
  5. Making memories.  My entire family would agree that our best memories are when we are camping all together. Rainy days especially when we all get a little giddy and wound up from the bad weather.  Games get played for hours.  We have gone on scavenger hunts, created campfire cooking challenges and swam at midnight in the lake.  I would not trade that for any vacation!