Memory Challenge – Welcome to the Zoo

Memory Challenge Freebie
Welcome to the Zoo is a freebie from the Memory Challenge packet.  Study the picture, fold the paper and see if you can remember all 12 objects.  Kids can play alone or with a group – see who can remember the most objects.  Download the Zoo Memory Challenge at Growing Play.    See additional information below on the complete Memory Challenge packet.
Memory Challenge
Memory Challenge: This 28 page PDF document will challenge your visual memory skills. There are 2 versions of the game. The easier version consists of 20 pages with 12 objects on each page. Memorize the objects, cover them up and write what you can remember. The difficult version includes one recording sheets and 5 memory boards with 100+ objects on each page to try and remember. Perfect for a family game night or for solo play.
Download a free sample page – Welcome to the Zoo.
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